Video (COP23)

From COP23:

Climate Impacts of Land Use Are Underestimated
(Nov. 13 – Natalie Mahowald)

Climate Smart Farming
(Nov. 9 – Maricelis Acevedo, Allison Chatrchyan, and Danielle Eiseman)

Community-Based Adaptation (Slides)
(Nov. 7 – Christopher Dunn)

Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration and Food Security (Start at 02:45 | Slides)
(Nov. 6 – Johannes Lehmann and Dawit Solomon)

Climate-related Research at Cornell:

Sustainability at Cornell

Earth Source Heat
(Lance Collins, Dean of Engineering School)

Starfish Detective
(Ian Hewson, Microbiology)

Get to Know Atkinson: A Seagrass Story

Climate Change – It’s Time to Raise Our Voices
(Mike Hoffmann, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions)