Cornell Side Events and Press Conferences

(All times listed in Central European Time)

December 2-13

  • Cornell University Exhibit – Booth 29

    • Cornell University, the land grant university to the world, will share cutting-edge climate research from over 150 scientists on climate modeling, mitigation, and adaptation practices, soil science and crop sciences, stakeholder engagement, community action and resiliency, and communication.

December 3

  • 16:30 | MOCHA Room
    Press Conference: Dr. Christopher Dunn

    “Community-based Approaches to Climate Adaptation in Indigenous Communities” (video)
  • 18:30-20:00 | IFEMA Side Events Space, Room 5
    Global Engagement with Universities, Countries, and NGO Partners to Enhance Climate Ambition

    Organized by Cornell University (Allison Chatrchyan)

    • Cornell and other universities are supporting enhanced ambition by engaging students, researchers and policymakers on projects with developing countries and NGOs. Partners gain access to research by motivated and highly-capable students, and students gain incredible skills through engaged learning.
    • Speakers include experts from Cornell, other universities, and partnering organizations, including Armenia, Tonga, Zambia, the World Bank, and GACSA

December 4

  • 10:00-11:30 | MDB Pavilion (IFEMA Building 8)
    The Best Response to the Threats of Climate Change: Innovation

    Organized by Cornell University and World Bank

    • This event brings together leading innovators from a number of fields to explore the role of innovation in addressing climate change. Sectors to be covered include food production and insecurity, air and ocean pollution, and deforestation. Government representatives will also participate to discuss the role of government policy in promoting innovation.
    • Panelists: Anna Wellenstein (WBG), Teresa Ribera, Inty Gronneberg, Juriaaan Ruys, and Rebekah Moses.

December 6

  • 16:00 | MOCHA Room
    Press Conference: Allison Chatrchyan, Pamela Wildstein, and Christopher Galantino
    “Cornell University: Lessons Learned From Developing a Climate Change Education Program || Realizing Cornell’s Future Geothermal Heating District” (video)

December 7

  • 13:30 | MOCHA Room
    Press Conference: Dr. Maricelis Acevedo
    “Research for Development to End Hunger, Achieve Food Security, and Improve Nutrition” (video)

December 11

  • 10:30-12:00 | EU Pavilion, Brussels Room
    Decision for Action: Perspectives on Implementing Evidence-Based Climate Finance

    Organized by Sharon Tennyson

December 12

  • 18:00 | MOCHA Room
    Press Conference: Mike Hoffmann
    “Cornell University: Our changing menu: What climate change means to the foods we love and need” (livestream)