Celina Scott-Buechler

Celina Scott-Buechler ’18
College of Arts and Sciences

Growing up in India and Mexico, Celina observed from a young age how human-driven ecological and climate changes affect vulnerable populations, especially poor coastal communities. Eager to address this inequity, she crafted and is pursuing a College Scholar independent major in A&S on issues of marine conservation science and coastal sustainability studies. With special interest in climate change’s role in changing land-sea dynamics, she is minoring in Climate Change studies. Celina is also the president and co-founder of an environmental solution-building platform, the Millennial Voices Project, actively engages with environmental justice efforts on campus, and serves on the board of a national educational nonprofit, the Telluride Association. With a few years’ work experience after graduation in May 2018, Celina plans to pursue graduate studies in marine conservation and coastal social inequality, which will prepare her for work in environmental nonprofits and/or public agencies.